Waterproof Mounted

  Our waterproof led profile product line is the first choice for indoor and outdoor lighting projects due to its excellent performance and reliability. The use of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, combined with advanced waterproof technology, ensures that the fixtures operate stably in harsh environments, providing lasting protection for your lighting needs.

  Product Features:

  Excellent waterproof performance: After a strict waterproof test, ensure that the lamps and lanterns in wet, rainy, and other environments can still work usually, effectively extending the service life.


  Excellent heat dissipation performance: aluminum alloy material has good thermal conductivity and can quickly emit heat from LED lamp beads to maintain the stable performance of the lamps and lanterns and reduce light decay.


  Structural robustness and durability: Using high-strength aluminum alloy material after precision machining and surface treatment ensures that the product has excellent impact and corrosion resistance.


  Energy saving and environmental protection: LED light source has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, and long life, compared with traditional lamps and lanterns, and can significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.


  Easy to install: the product adopts a modular design, is easy and quick to install, and can be flexibly combined and expanded according to the actual demand.

  Our waterproof LED profiles can provide efficient and reliable lighting solutions, whether in city lighting, garden landscape, outdoor advertising, or home lighting. Choose us to make your lighting project more outstanding!

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