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LED Aluminum Profile

Do you need help with these issues when it comes to lighting design?

1. All graphics for lighting design need to be customized additionally;

2. Many times, customized fixtures, due to their large size, cost more than budgeted to ship;

3. The installation process has a new design idea, but customized fixtures are not suitable for changing the shape;

Advantages of modularity in lighting design

Compared to traditional lamps, modular lamps are more flexible; traditional lamps can not be further innovation in lighting design, but modular in the secondary creation is very easy.

Modular Lighting

modular lighting1
modular lighting2
modular lighting Packaging

Traditional Lighting

traditional lighting1
traditional lighting2
traditional lighting packaging

Applications for Modular Lighting

Perfect for a wide range of settings, from offices and conference rooms to supermarkets, homes, airports, museums, libraries, corridors, cinemas, hotels, and more. Our Triangle LED Lights adapt to professional and personal spaces, enhancing any environment with their sleek, modern design.

Contact us for the latest product information on modular lighting. If you’re using it for commercial purposes, additional discounts will be available!

Modular Lighting Recommendations

Modular Triangle LED Lights

This series of products features a modular design that incorporates 30°45°60°90°and 120° angle modules. These modules are complemented by linear light modules of corresponding lengths, allowing for creating a wide range of closed polygons, such as triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, and hexagons. This design offers flexibility in shape and configuration making it an ideal solution for various lighting applications. The power supply is built-in and the wiring is of the PUSH-IN shrapnel type. lt is easy to install disassemble, and maintain. Any module can be easily replaced or repaired. The functions are expandable and customizable. The biggest advantage of this product is the low transportation cost.



Modular lighting is a flexible lighting solution that allows users to customize and reconfigure lighting elements as needed to fit different spaces and design needs.

Highly flexible, easy to install and maintain, energy efficient, customizable, aesthetically pleasing and modern.

Simple and easy, most modular lighting systems are designed with easy-to-install interfaces, and some products provide detailed installation instructions.

Not much. Its design facilitates quick replacement and upgrading, reducing the effort and cost of long-term maintenance.

Consider factors such as space requirements, lighting intensity, color, style and budget to choose the product that best meets your needs.

For almost any type of environment such as homes, offices, commercial spaces, educational institutions and public spaces.

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