Minto Shopping Center

Moenchengladbach, Germany

Shade Street Food Bar 04

The 2015 newly opened shopping center “Minto” in Moenchengladbach offers visitors a unique shopping experience on an area of 42,000 square meters. The concept of combining nature and architecture and the creation of a holistic well-being for the visitor stand in the foreground. In the “Home of the 5 Senses” colors and shapes, lighting design, material selection as well as the scent and sound concept of the interior design speak to all senses. In the lighting design concept of the company “Licht + Schatten” many products of HLLED were specified.

Due to the used opal cover the light is dot-free and enjoyable for visitors, but also providing an adequate illuminance. The irregularity of the lines in the ceiling is also decorative and a lively, playful detail. Even more obvious is the combination of nature and architecture in case of the used VENUS design light lines. The organic, rounded shapes, created by three parallel lines of light are a highlight on the ceiling of the center. To achieve higher luminance on the ground and to increase security in these HLLED with 25° reflector has been used in the corridors of the building.

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