PRODUCTS details

HL-T6535-L12 Led linear light

  • 1. Professional appearance design, neat and generous.
    2. LED 3030-1W single chip, low power consumption, long life, good heat dissipation, energy saving and environmental protection.
    3. The constant current built-in power supply is used, which is safe and reliable, no stroboscopic phenomenon.
    4. The whole lamp can be freely used in multiple combination (Reflective cup & PC cover), easy to install, and the length can be spliced.
    5. Professional anti-glare grille reflector cup with optional reflector angle (15 ° / 30 ° / 45 °), anti-glare value UGR <16, comfortable light protects our eyes.
    6. The finished products supports surface clasp and suspended installation.
    7. Applications: office, meeting room, supermarket, school, home lighting, etc.
Basic Parameters
  1. ModelHL-T6535-L12
  2. Length1.20m
  3. ColorSilvery
  4. DimmingNO
  5. Rated VoltageAC100-240v
  6. Nominal Power35w
  7. Lm3150
  8. CRI>80
  9. Beam angle15/30/45°
  10. CCT2700-6500k
  11. Warranty2 years
  12. Working Temperature-20~+50℃