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LED Aluminum Profile


-The lamp surface adopts suction installation design, with small,exquisite design and beautiful appearance, and plug-in AC power cord for more convenient use; -The main body of the lamp is made of 6063-T5 aluminum, with good heat dissipation performance, long service life, and more environmentally friendly; -Adopting SMD LED light source, with long service life, strong anti-light decay and stable point; -Adopting built-in constant voltage power supply, safe and reliable, without flicker; -PMMA material cover, with high light transmittance, strong weather resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance, and anti-aging; -Application: bathrooms, toilets, dressing rooms, etc.

Luminaire parameters

Luminaire parameters
Size L1033*W20*H38mm
Lm 960lm
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Beam Angle 220°
Nominal Power 8W
CCT 2700-6500K
CRI >80
Protection Grade IP40
Certification CE, RoHS
Warranty 3 years


user instructions

1. The installation of the unif must be done by a qualified electrician.
2. The unit must be earthed in case an earth connecting point exists.
3. Ensure that the mains is switched off during servicing.
4. Do not use buib(s) bigger than the indicated on units name-plate or packaging.
5. Ensure that after the installation,the unit is properiy fixed and the cable clamps (if exist)are well tighened.
6. Manufacturer will not accept liability for injury or damage resulting from incorrect use or installation.

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