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LED Aluminum Profile


● The integrated design of lamp body and guide rail joint is adopted, and the appearance design is simple and elegant, beautiful and decent; ● Adopt the external constant current power supply of the ace track, which is safe and reliable; ● Professional anti-glare grille reflector, reflective angle optional (15°/30°/45°), anti-glare value UGR<16; soft & comfortable light, eye protection; ● Adopt imported Japanese Teijin PC material cover (PC and reflector optional), high lighting transmittance, strong weather resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,and strong impact resistance; ● The guide rail joint can be rotated 0-330° horizontally and unilaterally; ● Application: Various application scenarios such as shopping malls, offices, home decoration,exhibition halls, catering, etc.

Luminaire parameters


user instructions

1. The installation of the unif must be done by a qualified electrician.
2. The unit must be earthed in case an earth connecting point exists.
3. Ensure that the mains is switched off during servicing.
4. Do not use buib(s) bigger than the indicated on units name-plate or packaging.
5. Ensure that after the installation,the unit is properiy fixed and the cable clamps (if exist)are well tighened.
6. Manufacturer will not accept liability for injury or damage resulting from incorrect use or installation.

Application scenarios

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