● The integrated design of lamp body, single pole and guide rail joint is adopted, and the appearance design is simple and elegant, beautiful and decent;
● Adopt the external constant current power supply of the ace track, which is safe and reliable; Professional anti-glare grille reflector, reflective angle optional (15°/30°/45°), anti-glare value
● UGR<16; soft and comfortable light, eye protection;
● Adopt imported Japanese Teijin PC material cover (PC and reflector optional), high lighting transmittance, strong weather resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,and strong impact resistance;
● The guide rail joint can be rotated 0-330° horizontally and unilaterally;
● The single-rod support arm can be vertical or unilaterally rotated 0-60°;
● Application: Shopping malls, 0fices, home decoration, exhibition halls, catering, etc.