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Modern light-Triangle Linear LED

Triangular linear LED is a novel type of creative lamp. It uses triangles as its basic unit and can be combined to create various shapes and styles. Compared to traditional lamps, triangular linear lamps have the following advantages:

Modern light Triangle Linear LED

The splicing characteristics of the triangular linear lamp allow for it to be freely combined to meet different needs and space requirements, creating a range of shapes and patterns that make your home space more personalized.

The triangular linear lamp uses LED lamps as its light source, which has the benefits of energy saving, long-lasting operation, and versatility, making it more reliable and adaptable to use.

The triangular linear lamp's LED light source provides bright and soft light, which not only meets daily lighting needs but also creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Its design is inspired by geometric shapes, simple yet stylish, and can be incorporated into various home styles. Whether it 's a modern minimalist style, a Nordic style, or a retro style, it can be perfectly matched.

The product is also available in Surface, Wall, and Recessed mounting styles.

They garnered a lot of attention when they were showed at the 2023 HK Autumn Lighting Fair.

HK Autumn Lighting Fair

Project Examples:

Our stylish triangular lighting design for supermarkets seamlessly integrates with the ceiling, enhancing the overall aesthetic. This cost-effective option is the perfect solution for any renovation project. The pictures below are from our project in Vietnam:

As we continue to grow, we will be constantly updating our portfolio and adding new projects and images.

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