● Single light source LED 2835-0.2W, low power consumption, long life, good heat dissipation, energy saving, environmentally friendly;
● Using an external, low-voltage constant-current power supply is safe and reliable, with no stroboscopic effects.
● Combination and splicing are simple, and installation is convenient, both vertically and horizontally;
● The size is large and the lighting is sufficient;
● Professional anti-glare prism diffuser plate, anti-glare value UGR<19, soft and comfortable light, protect eyes;
● Applications: Offices, conference rooms, supermarkets, schools, home lighting, etc.

Commitments & Guarantees

  • Manufacturer direct sales, lower cost!
  • Customizable, support ODM/OEM
  • Most LED lighting products with a 3-year warranty

HL PA085 A01.A02.A03.A04

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PA085 3

Dimensions 65710622538 cm
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