-The angle can be rotated 180°
An ultra-thin and ultra-narrow LED linear light that can be rotated 180 degrees.
-Accessories available
Our products come in various lengths, corners, and accessories. Corners can be docked seamlessly using T-type, L-type, and +-type connectors.
-Fast connection without dark areas
It provides a fast connection between lamps and lanterns, no dark areas, is welding-free, and is snap-in. It has an ultra-long 8 meter connection, with no dimming effects.
-Methods of installation
A variety of installation methods are available, including buckle installation, magnet suction installation, angle fixed buckle installation, and others.

Commitments & Guarantees

  • Manufacturer direct sales, lower cost!
  • Customizable, support ODM/OEM
  • Most LED lighting products with a 3-year warranty
Item No HL-L1313B-100
Dimension L100*W12.5*H13mm
Temperature Color 2700-6500K
Voltage DC24V
CR >90
Luminous Angle 120°
Working environment -25~45℃
Life span 40,000 hours 70%
Waterproof grade IP20
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