• Lighting Modes with Automatic Sensor ON / OFF
    Featuring three modes: constant off, constant on and the auto mode that activates the motion
    sensor function. Helian motion sensor light automatically lights up when it picks up your
    movement or it’s dark while turns off after 35 seconds of no detection.
  • Easy Installation
    This lamp is easy to install with no tools, screws or nuts required. The motion detector light comes
    with the magnetic base, which allow quick mounting anywhere with metal surface you need.
    (Note: Dough in the drywall). With the wireless installation, you can make it virtually disappear under cabinet.
  • Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly
    No battery replacement, with LEDs emit extreme light, eco-friendly and energy saving to ensure extra
    long life. Built in USB rechargeable lithium battery, powered by a micro usb charging cable (included),
    and alsocompatible with the power bank, PC USB port, phone charger.
  • Elegant Design for Decoration
    With an appealing design, the Helian motion sensor light offers a smart, affordable way to add
    elegance to your hallway, bathroom or bedroom.
  • Built in Rechargeable Battery
    (high capacity 250mAh), no need for AAA batteries, cost saving. It can stay on for 1 hour in
    Always ON mode. Recharged by all 5V USB devices (like USB adapter, power bank, bright with
    2700-6500K daylight / white light (brighter than other products).

Commitments & Guarantees

  • Manufacturer direct sales, lower cost!
  • Customizable, support ODM/OEM
  • Most LED lighting products with a 3-year warranty

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Dimensions 65710622538 cm
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